Surface Direct can help you clean and maintain your flooring and surfaces with recommendations and supplies to extend the life of your products. View the videos below, download the cleaning manual, read the FAQ, or browse availalbe maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Maintenance FAQ

Maintenance Cleaning

Daily maintenance should be performed to keep the floor clean and in optimal condition. This process is important to ensure the product’s lifespan is maximized.

Deep Cleaning

An in-depth cleaning process that must be performed a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 times a year in order to remove dirt that accumulates over time and is not completely removed through daily maintenance.

Spot Cleaning

This process aims to remove the toughest stains from specific areas.

What cleaning products should be used to clean flooring?

We recommend using products manufactured by SEALED AIR – DIVERSEY, our cleaning and maintenance products partner.

How do I clean my floor?

For EVA and rubber flooring we differentiate between four types of cleaning: Post-Installation Cleaning, Maintenance Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Selective Cleaning. You can download our Cleaning Manual which contains detailed instructions. For cleaning the Turf, we recommend using a dry foam product such as Vanish Carpet dry foam. For cleaning instructions related to any other product please contact us.

What is post-installation cleaning?

This is a compulsory cleaning process that must be performed once the flooring has been installed. The purpose of this initial cleaning is to remove the protective silicon layer and prepare the floor for its first use.

Where can I purchase the recommended cleaning products and supplies?

Maintenance and cleaning supplies are offered here through Surface Direct or through other vendors.

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