Surface Direct is dedicated to providing the products, supplies, knowledge and experience to create optimal flooring and surface solutions for each specific activity.

Explore SurfaceCo Sport Products

New products now available! Explore a range of innovative flooring and surface solutions including revolutionary mats and interlocking flooring systems for indoor and outdoor stadiums, arenas, gyms, weight rooms and workout facilities, recreation areas, and more.


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Cleaning Supplies

Surface Direct offers maintenance and cleaning supplies recommended for use with featured products for proper flooring and surface maintenance.

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Why Surface Direct?

  • Quality Surface Products at Great Prices
  • Expert Service and Support
  • Noise & Impact Abatement
  • Durable Re-vulcanized Rubber
  • Loose Lay Installation (No Adhesive Required)
  • Ultra-Tight Interlock
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color Matched Beveled Edges
  • Customization Available

A post installation cleaner is recommended for all surface products.
We suggest using Profi Cleaner and Degreaser

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