Comfortgym fitness mats have been specifically designed for use in sports facilities, which require high performance and durable material. It is the most resistant gym mat on the market, whilst still providing maximum protection and comfort to users. The perfect combination of resistance and durability, combined with the extensive range of colors, shapes and sizes, is adapted to current aesthetic trends, and makes Comfortgym a truly unique range of exercise gym mats.

Comfortgym Mat Options

omfortgym mat in blue
omfortgym mat in Black
Comfortgym mat in Wengue
Comfortgym Storage Rack

10 Mat Storage Rack Available.

Non Absorbent
Non Absorbent
Anti Microbial
Anti Microbial

ComfortGym Size

55" x 23.6" x .6"
140 x 60 x 1.5cm


Where to Use

  • Group Areas
  • Functional Areas
  • Multi-Purpose Areas
  • Dance Studios

Comfortgym Features

Super Resistant

Comfortgym gym mat is one of the longest lasting mats on the market, we would love to see you try to damage it, infact we challenge you.


We have 3 colors available to suit your aesthetic requirements! Comfortgym standard colors include: Blue, Wengue and Black.


Due to Comfortgyms close pore material, it is totally waterproof, which prevents bad odors developing due to sweat and dirt. The smelly, old gym mat is no more!


Have your fitness facilities logo moulded directly onto the mat. It will be part of the design and texture of the mat, imposible to remove.

5 year warranty

We understand any purchase is a big deal, so all Comfortgym fitness mats have 5 year warranty!

Easy to hang

Comfortgym gym mats have re inforced O-Holes made for easy hanging. ThereĀ“s nothing worse than an untidy gym.

Safe materials

Comfortgym fitness mats do not contain PVC or latex, therefore preventing posible allergies, and also adding to the high quality of the product.


The EVA polymers in the formula ensure that growth of fungi and bacteria is prevented. Hygiene is key.

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Download Comfortgym Technical Doc pdf 690.70 KB

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