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Maximum damage resistance

Unbeatable heavy duty gym flooring for heavy weight areas.
Unlimited load.

EXTREME S&S is specifically designed for heavy duty weight areas where the maximum level of resistance and sound absorption is needed. Offering better comfort, thermal and sound insulation, and resistance to damage and marks than the standard version, EXTREME S&S truly is the ultimate technical weight room flooring.

The most resistant gym flooring

The S&S version builds on the incredible resistance of EXTREME, with a thickness of 22 mm that protects the sub-floor and offers a huge level of sound and vibration absorption. With a surface that’s equally resistant to medium loads (up to 25kg) but surpassing the standard version’s resistance to heavy loads, EXTREME S&S is the choice for any gym owner looking for a reliable weight flooring solution in a high impact and high weight area.

We don’t compromise on comfort

Despite being the most resistant and hardcore of all our flooring, EXTREME S&S still offers maximum comfort thanks to its thickness and blend of virgin and recycled rubber.

It’s not just comfortable for users though, as the Pavigym interlocking tile installation system and our personalised service from contact to completion makes your experience and transition as comfortable as possible.

It doesn’t just protect against marks

EXTREME S&S is designed to resist the heaviest loads, but that doesn’t mean all it does is resist marks. It also offers fantastic vibration absorption to protect your sub-floors, and which also reduces sounds. As with all our flooring, it’s also impermeable, resisting sweat and spills and making it easy to clean after those heavy lifting sessions. HARDCORE AND BEAUTIFUL.

With a range of different designs to choose from, EXTREME S&S gives you the choice of style you want for your weight room flooring. Pick the look that suits your brand and let it transform the presentation of your weight room for years to come.

Highly Tensile
Highly Tensile
IIC Rating
IIC Rating
Force Reduction Energy Restitution
Force Reduction Energy Restitution
Anti Microbial
Anti Microbial
Non Absorbent
Non Absorbent
Interlocking Product
Interlocking Product


All Tiles
90cm X 90cm


22mm / 0.866 in

  Where to Use

  • Any Area That Requires Noise & Impact Abatement
  • Cardio Areas
  • Selectorized Areas
  • Free Weight Areas

  Edges & Corners

  • Color Matched Edges & Corners Available

In-Stock Products

Ship in 3 days

Why Pavigym?

  • Noise & Impact Abatement
  • No Rubber Odor
  • Vulcanized Strength
  • Loose Lay Installation (No Adhesive Required)
  • Ultra-Tight Interlock
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color Matched Beveled Edges
  • Customization Available

A post installation cleaner is required for all Pavigym products.
We suggest using Profi Cleaner and Degreaser

Lay & Play

For a no hassle installation with minimal trimming or on-site cutting you can work with our sales and engineering team to create a custom cut to fit solution for your facility.
Lay it down and go!

Download Extreme S&S Data Sheet pdf 399.96 KB
Download Extreme S&S Technical Doc pdf 511.61 KB

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