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Hardcore flooring for free weight and functional areas. Hardcore resistance for hardcore training

EXTREME is a technical flooring for free weights and cardio that truly lives up to its name. The high resistance to impacts it offers means its a durable and resilient flooring solution that doesn’t show signs of wear, making it the best weight room flooring option. Its hardcore aesthetic adds to the style of your gym while improving on weaker flooring that rips and tears up.

Increase the loads, decrease the damage

The most resistant PAVIGYM surface, EXTREME features high impact absorption of falling objects and excellent resistance to marks. Manufactured using recycled ENDURANCE flooring, it offers an increased level of resistance to damage in heavy weight training areas, as well as a more aggressive, tougher look.

Forget about the sweat

EXTREME won’t let you down when its time to clean up. The impermeable virgin and recycled rubber surface won’t absorb sweat or any other liquids, and the interlocking system prevents anything seeping in between tiles and causing bad odour over time. Its excellent properties make this easy to clean solution the best flooring for free weight areas. HARDCORE FLOORING WITH A HARDCORE STYLE.

With a variety of hardcore finishes, EXTREME gives you the option to choose a style that’s unique to you and that suits the brand you want to create.

Extreme S&S: take your training to the limit

Our S&S range features a thicker flooring that offers extra resilience, resistance, and sound and vibration absorption. Extreme S&S is the solution for gyms where heavy lifting is the norm, offering the best flooring for areas where weight limits exceed 50kg.

Non Absorbent
Non Absorbent
Force Reduction Energy Restitution
Force Reduction Energy Restitution
Anti Microbial
Anti Microbial
Interlocking Product
Interlocking Product

Ultimate protection in an instant

Like all our floors, EXTREME is laid in tiles that feature an interlocking system designed to make installation and replacement quick and easy. This significantly reduces both the amount of time your weight area is closed during installation, and the cost of repairs if at any point a tile needs to be replaced. Single tiles can be replaced quickly and easily, protecting your business in one of the roughest areas of the gym.

All Tiles
90cm x 90cm


7mm / 0.275in


  Where to Use

  • Cardio Areas
  • Selectorized Areas
  • Free Weight Areas
  • Home Gyms

  Edges & Corners

  • Color Matched Edges & Corners Available

Product Colors

Priority Colors

Ship in 3 days

Why Pavigym?

  • Noise & Impact Abatement
  • No Rubber Odor
  • Vulcanized Strength
  • Loose Lay Installation (No Adhesive Required)
  • Ultra-Tight Interlock
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color Matched Beveled Edges
  • Customization Available

A post installation cleaner is required for all Pavigym products.
We suggest using Profi Cleaner and Degreaser

Lay & Play

For a no hassle installation with minimal trimming or on-site cutting you can work with our sales and engineering team to create a custom cut to fit solution for your facility.
Lay it down and go!

Download Extreme Data Sheet pdf 339.43 KB
Download Extreme Technical Doc pdf 491.74 KB

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