WEXO by PAVIGYM is the perfect solution for adapting old unused spaces and transforming them into sought after workout centers. As racquetball courts continue to go largely unused in recreation facilities, WEXO offers a high end yet affordable conversion kit to turn that empty unused space into a valuable resource. Designed to offer intense individual and small group workouts, the WEXO conversion kit brings together turf and high end PAVIGYM vulcanized rubber tiles for unmatched cardio and weight training zones that will challenge any level of user. Cross Training circuits can offer any combination of sled, kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell, rope and cardio exercises. With the proper surface, imagination is the only limitation to planning impactful workouts.

Maximize your space by combining strength and cardio-based training with an alternative form of Cross Training!


Revolutionize your gym with this new cross training concept.

Make the most of your resources by offering classes of up to 16 users to one trainer, while being able o take advantage of a multipurpose space during the downtime. Wexo offers you the option of 8, 12 or 16 stations, meaning you can adapt the concept to your needs and space available. Wexo gives you tens of thousands of workout possibilities to play with, while encouraging correct technique and coordination.

The circuit training that adapts to your gym!


Weightlifting can often intimidate outsiders, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Programmes like Cross Training are bringing weightlifting further and further towards the arena of fitness and health. Take advantage of the burgeonin market and open your gym up to a whole new range of clients!

Wexo is designed to bring weightlifting to the general market. It offers all the benefits of proper weight training:

  • Increased strenght and motor skills
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved posture
  • Optimal hormonal response

Besides, it negates the handicaps by allowing trainers to work in small groups with lifters and ensure correct control and technique, while ther users are working on other core areas.


Divided into four distinct areas, Wexo allows for functional, athletic, strength and metabolic exercises all at once. Each zone focuses on the fundamentals of fitness and weight training in order to provide the maximum benefit to every user at all times.


Unifying Weightlifting, S&S and Turf flooring solutions, you will get the ideal flooring for each exercise carried out. Added accessories complete the setup, since our concept allows you weights from dumbbells to barbells, power sleds, battle ropes and slam balls.

Combining our finest products with our revolutionary new Weightlifting flooring, we´ve come up with the perfect solution for a complete training.


Putting the weights away doesn´t mean the end of the day. this flexible concept gives you optimal flooring for every exercise

Convert your workspace into a multipurpose room!

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