• Heavy Duty 1/2" Construction
  • 4'x6' Interlocking Mat
  • Impact Pillars for Impact Mitigation
  • 100% Closed Cell Structure
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Smooth Top of Easy Cleaning

The WOD MAT is specifically designed for dynamic athletic use. Its physical characteristics make it the best option on the market for athletic facilities and home gyms that utilize ground-based performance exercises.

The WOD MAT is re-vulcanized using 100% recycled tire buffing's and has auxiliary qualities that "The Original Stall Mat" and "The Box Mat" do not have. With improved design, the characteristics have optimized the performance for athletic and environmental purposes.

The engineered combination added to the 1/2" standard mats are three additives and two design features, an odor mitigant that helps neutralize rubber smells, increasing tinsel strength with higher levels of re-vulcanization, and improving the durometer of the mat, giving it a softer feel. Overall, adding comfort and impact mitigation to exercises.

Designed directly into our molds are two design features that created significant improvements. The first is the inclusion of 1/4" "impact pillars" along the entire bottom surface of the mat, significantly mitigating impact and protecting the base floor and the user's joints. A smooth top is the second improvement for facility usage, allowing easier cleaning and disinfecting in a commercial or home space.

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Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
High Tensile
High Tensile
Interlocking Product
Interlocking Product
Closed Cell
Closed Cell
Anti Microbial
Anti Microbial
Made in the USA
Made in the USA


Each WOD MAT is 1/2" thick and measures 67.5" x 45". They are interlocked for easy installation and can be custom cut utilizing our lay and play system. The "WOD mat" comes in solid black and grey fleck.

Color Options

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  • Quality Surface Products at Great Prices
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  • Noise & Impact Abatement
  • Durable Re-vulcanized Rubber
  • Loose Lay Installation (No Adhesive Required)
  • Ultra-Tight Interlock
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Color Matched Beveled Edges
  • Customization Available

A post installation cleaner is recommended for all surface products.
We suggest using Profi Cleaner and Degreaser

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Lay & Play

For a no hassle installation with minimal trimming or on-site cutting you can work with our sales and engineering team to create a custom cut to fit solution for your facility.
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